Just when you think you know it all..


There was a thread going where the discussion centered on pickups and how much they influenced the sound. I made two comments, both of them about how much impact pickups alone have...

I thought my decades of playing and owning damn near every guitar/amp comination under the sun had some how put me in a category of being some kond of shaman of sound...

And then sitting here I stumbled upon a concert of killer musicians in a showcase of Greg Allmans music, called "All my friends".

Jack Pearson

I know who he is, listened to his licks many times over the years, and here he is absolutely nailing a killer tone I would have sworn came out of a Les Paul into a Marshall...

Not even close..he was playing a fender squier strat!!!! Next is, its pushin a YAMAHA amp! WTF????

I learned a powerful lesson. Everything in the chain has an impact on tone, but he proved, at least to me, it' not about the wood, the type of finish, how vintage your pickups and amp are..

It's in your fingers.

Catch this concert, killer players galore, and tell me Greg Allman isnt one of the greatest singer songwriters to ever walk this earth.

Shiny McShine

Don't feel too bad; drums are even worse. It's even more about the player there. The instrument is almost irrelevant. For example, my teacher Carlton Jackson told a story on his radio show about getting to play Steve Gadd's Yamaha recording kit. He was at a gig and the producer said they didn't have time to change everything out and asked if Steve was OK with another guy using his stuff. Carlton was all jacked up and when he finally got on 'em, he said they were the worst sounding drums he'd ever played. Tuning sucked and they were dead like cardboard boxes. He got through his part of the show and waited to see Steve play. He said it was like they turned into another instrument under him. Keep in mind Carlton has played with and worked along side of the of the legends in jazz too!

I'm thinking at this point that the pick is the most crucial part of the picture. It's why quite a few really good players use the Blue Chip despite its cost. Everything starts there. Fret hand is also huge in the production of a compressed and percussive attack or note envelope. Guys who can play their fret hand rhythmically can take a Hondo and make you think it's a Custom Shop Strat. My teacher is out of the world in that regard (OOG on this board).

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