Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop The Feeling" voted worst song of the year


Yeah, right. Tell that to my 5 year old. She thinks it's the best song of the year. We've watched the Trolls movie 10 times since Christmas.

A song that can make children wanna dance is NOT the worst song of the year. You should see our 2 year old singing in her Princess Poppy dress. That'd change your mind.

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Believe me, when you drive your teenage daughter to school, you will listen to lots of insipid crap on the radio. This song actually stands out as noticeably better than a lot of what I've had to endure. I wouldn't go out and buy it, but someone is.


"Once I was Seven Years Old" is a MUCH worse song than "Can't Stop the Feeling" iMO......

For quite a while this summer I had to work in a different area where they were playing the local pop station. There were quite a few that I didn't mind the first 5 or 6 times, CStF was one, there was an Adele song, and a few others but that 7 years old one I had start leaving the room after the first time I heard it.

I think I remember seeing an interview with the Coen Bros. after Inside Llewellyn Davis came out. They commented on what an amazing singer JT is. He would sing bass on some tracks and other tracks he's be singing the high part and they thought it was an impressive job of singing by the female singer but they'd later discover it was JT singing it. I guess the guy has chops.

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