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Justnick vids?


Silver Supporting Member
First off I think Nick is great and I really loved his demos. He's also a very cool dude. Wondering if he's doing ok? I saw his name pop up in a thread and thought to checkout his youtube page to see the latest demos. When I took a look I saw a lot trippy stuff, he seemed to be in that covid funk, playing games, etc... Is he still doing gear demos or just kinda doing his own thing within the music realm? Either way, hope he's well.


I always dug that he does just mess around with a pedal for a while and it gives you an idea of what it really can do/sounds like vs bashing thru a bunch of fave cliches to woo ya with the pedal and then you get it and meh, I think most of us spend time going through that range of a pedal and most demos do not do this, they are more of a highlight reel than anything, This sells pedals, but doest always give you an idea of what YOU will do.

I always found Nicks videos seem more like what us average folks do when we get a new pedal. which is where we go through and see what it can do...not what it must do :p Plus dude seems to have a good vibe about stuff.


Nuzzled Firmly Betwixt
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Nick and I traded some great/informative emails about convolution reverbs, bitd.
He's just the most engaging guy.
I hope everything is going well for him.


I remember him getting sort of mad in a video awhile ago. Can't remember why, but it was awesome. He seems to have some things to say and I'd like to hear them. It would be awesome to see a demoer/"reviewer" with some balls to tell us how it really is about the pedal not just "you must get this as it's the best pedal ever!". hehe.


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Hope Nick is doing okay. CoVid19 has put most all of us in a strange headspace this whole year, let alone the millions afflicted and their families. May all the CoVid departed Rest in Peace. It will be a good while longer before we can create a new normal. Hope to see you there, Nick!

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