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K-Line! Suits me to a T


I recently purchased this K-Line T from a TGP member:


Under 7lbs., lightweight ash body, fat C-shaped maple neck with 9.5 radius, 6105 frets, Lollar Special in the bridge and Lollar Vintage at the neck. Workmanship is very good. The nut could be a bit smoother at the edge, but functionally is dead on. Fret work is great. Neck has rolled edges. The relicing is light yet give it a convincing old look. Bridge has a smooth high end and can do a nice p90ish tone. Neck is full and a bit darker (the way I like it!). The in-between is absolutely wonderful (it may be the first time this position becomes my favorite on any instrument). The seller (Roach) gave me the the most accurate description I've ever gotten.

I got my first tele about a year ago and was amazed how a LP player like me would find it so comfortable and familiar. That one had a V-neck which was nice, but the "C" feels right!

Plus, I've always loved a black tele with a white guard! I'm already thinking about the next one - just like that shoreline T that Chris posted recently...


Gold Supporting Member
Awesome, my black body/tinted maple neck is my favorite combo for a tele!

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