Sold K&M (Two Rock) LTD amp head - SALE PENDING!

Jack Briggs

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Wonderful amp! Serial #04 - making it one of the first run of this model. Cathode biased and able to use pretty much any octal power tube - 6V6, 5881, 6L6, EL34, KT66, etc., for a power output from about 12W to 35W, roughly. The OT is a 45-50W chunk of iron, so the lowest output figure is still quite loud enough.

I'd say VG cosmetic condition - small Tolex nick (pic). Loaded with old Mullard ECC83s in V1 and V2 (clean and lead channels); Philips ECG 12AT7 in V3 (rev); Chinese 12AX7s in V4 and V5 (rev recovery; PI); 1946 Tung Sol 6V6GTs in output. Tuki slip cover, manual and printed interview with Joe Mloganowski where he states that there were 25 built. In reality only 16 or 17 were built - confirmed in a phone conversation with Joe back in 2007 or 2008. The final 5 or 6 were never completed.

Sounds glorious - one of the easiest TR amps to work with (great sounds with a minimum of knob fiddling). Tone control for lead channel on the back panel rather than trimpots on circuit board inside the amp - much more convenient. And the loop bypass switch as well.

SOLD! + shipping. Professionally packed and insured FedEx shipped. No trades. Check (will have to clear), MO or PP gift preferred.

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LTD 2.jpg

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Very cool amp – and the controls look nearly identical to my Bloomfield Drive.

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