Kanji custom guitar inspire by Taku Sakashita's Noupaul


Hi folks,this is my 1st time post on TGP, after I saw Robben Ford playing the noupaul since 2007, that design of Les paul style guitar quickly became my no.1 target, unfortunately Mr. Sakashita passed away in 2010. I can't find any luthier to make my dream come ture untill i met Mr.Kanji.He learned building instrument from Mr.Sakashita's disciple .He's not famous....yet, but He has been work with Hiram Bullock, Will Lee, Joe Sample, Ray Parker Jr., Dean Brown, Oz Noy, Chuck Loeb as their tech when they gig in Japan.
After I tried several Kanji's strat and tele I decided ordering this axe. His productions pay so much focus on details, the craftsmanship is fantastic, the resonate from the wood 's so punchy ,all the frequency are balanced and with clarity. After waiting for 2 years I got this this great instrument and sold my gibson perry burst right away. Gibson just can't touch it!!The Newest production from Kanji guitar is Tomo Fujita sig strat. Just wanna share this information and introduce this gorgeous guitar to you guys: )
I own a lot of good guitars like Cruz's master build strat, Gene Baker's B3, Giffin's hollow body , Nik Huber's Orca and even a 65's strat.......I can tell you folks Kanji guitar's my top 2 ....lol

Here's Robben playing Sakashita

In fact strat's my favorite guitar, so I prefer Alder/maple for body, maple/rosewood neck on this guitar, using Grinning Dog's PAF pu, and the scale length is 25.5.
Here's Tomo fujita playing his Kanji guitar at live.

Here's Kanji custom guitar's fb if u want to know..
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The pickguard looks like it's carved out of the body - but that can't be, can it? If it's a separate piece, it looks like it's been glued on.


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That is a very cool guitar. If it plays and sounds anywhere near as good as it looks, you've got an amazing instrument.


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Congrats! I love the lines on it!

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