Kanye West posts his recording contract on Twitter


LInk to the first page - you can click on it and then scroll through the Tweets thereafter as he posted each page separately

Kanye is complaining about recording contracts and how record companies take advantage of artists

My 2¢ is that Kanye had a team of attorneys negotiate and review the contract - he signed it -- nobody forced him to sign it (at least he did not state as such) - nobody has to sign a contract they do not approve of -- signing it is explicit approval of the terms therein


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Record deals have two issues: the actual structure of the deal and how honestly the record company honors the deal.
It's the second aspect that screws most artists.
The actual structure of the deal is no surprise...unless you don't read it, or don't pay someone to read it and put it into terms you can understand.


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This is a conversation about Mr.West and his complaints about the recording industry.
Not YOUR (NorCal_Val) line of shoes - the shoes Kanye literally slaps his name on for the purpose of upselling an insane amount compared to the cost of the SEA labor. It was a comment of the hypocrisy/irony of the situation regarding how his views on the recording industry being tantamount to slavery, while under paying workers in factories to make his shoes. Completely on topic.

Not everything is about YOU - he completely agreed with you and use your quote as a basis to build his point, not try and make a back-hand arguement about your Nikes or whatever.

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