Kaos IndiA new single: Don't Stop (pro LIVE recording)

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    May 9, 2016
    "Vintage guitar hums, shifting melodies and sunshine harmonies build up a sonic experience made for losing yourself in"

    Kaos India were formed in Modena in 2011, bringing together four well experienced live performers of the Northern Italy music scene.
    The magic happens at the end of 2010 during a party-jam-session in an underground garage, between gin-tonics and Fender guitars. The future Kaos India members play and improvise together, thus giving birth to the embryo of what would become their first jam-song, “Seize The Day”.
    The band name comes from the union of the word KAOS, identifying the chaos of life, and the word INDIA – the name of a New Orleans hostel that played a key role during the spiritual journey to the USA undertaken by the singer Mattia. In that hostel Mattia had an epiphany that completely changed his attitude towards what was happening during his American adventure on the path of self-knowledge, profoundly influencing his personal and artistic development.
    The music of Kaos India stems from the continuous and mutual artistic contamination among the four band members, who are sharing during the creative process their individual experiences and taking inspiration from the shared ones, as friends and fellow travelers in this life.
    After the first self-titled EP (2011), the album “THE DISTANCE BETWEEN” (2014), the EP STAY (2015) and many tour dates between Italy and Europe, the band is now launching their new single DON'T STOP.

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