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Kauer Banshee Bass (Thunderbolt?... working on the name)


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So probably most of you don't know this but I get lots of requests to do a Thunderbird since we already make Banshee's. Well, the reality is, I already did one years ago:

It was built for a friend and a customer, I built it, he finished it. Came out really cool but had all the typical tbird "quirks" (super long, neck heavy- though not as bad, ect).

This set me on a path for the last few years thinking about if I did one again, how could I improve it. After much though, consideration and tinkering here's how I want to build them.

32" Scale length. This will bring the over all length of the bass down 2+ inches which will not only make it much easier to play (the neck is so far out there!) but help shift the center of gravity to a more beneficial location.

I also LOVE the way 32" scale sounds and plays, combined with the mahogany construction should make for a killer, vintage inspired mid-growl. The 32" scale Daylighter Basses are extremely popular.

We'll also be doing graphite reinforcement in the neck to continue to improve the stability of the neck.

For weight and balance, with Banshee's we build them from Spanish Cedar (south american mahogany). As much as I love SC, I wouldn't rate it for a bass neck. Instead, we are going to build the Thunderbolt from African Mahogany like our original one. What we will do differently is, while the body and neck will be African Mahogany, the headstock will be made of a Spanish Cedar, Carbon Fiber, Spanish Cedar laminate. This will shave roughly HALF the weight off the african mahogany headstock and when combined with Hipshot's Ultralite tuners should make a drastic difference in the balance of the Thunderbolt.

Combined with other tweaks through out the design of the Thunderbolt, I think we can reinterpret the classic in a way that is both an improvement and a tribute to the originals.

Pickups: Thinking Lollar's Thunderbird pickups but lots of passive options are available. Actives and active EQ's maybe available as an upcharge.

Price: I'm trying to keep the price the same as equivalent 2 pickup Banshee at 2950 (+s/h).

You can contact myself doug@kauerguitars.com or Doug Myer at mountaincatguitars@gmail.com if you are interested.

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big mike

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man I wish I could swing one on General Principal.

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