Keeley 30ms - One of The Coolest Pedals I've Tried

Very versatile and great sounding pedal. I use it mono with the reverb active and like all three modes on it, on clean, lightly and heavily overdriven sounds. For overdriven sounds I keep the tuning knob rather low. I found it can also do a sort of flanger sound when the delay time is set low (not quite to zero). I tend to use more reverb on the cleaner tones than the dirty tones.

It does impart a tonal change when in the signal chain even if it is not engaged - I hear it as taking a bit of the upper midrange out. It is not something that really bothers me but I am considering putting it in a loop which is bypassed when the pedal is not needed/wanted. But other pedals do this too - e.g. my Diamond Quantum Leap which tends to make everything fatter.


I had both the Keeley & Mimiq. It's not even close, the Keeley is so much better and more versatile.

Thx for posting about this. I have been on the fence as to which of the two pedals to get but this really helps. Now i have to decide if I wait on the v2 Keeley so i can get the dedicate stereo jacks.


Yeah, I'm sure the Mimiq may be ok for some people's needs but I found it lacking in a few areas. In mono, it was very subtle- really didn't sound a lot different than a good quick slap delay. The other thing was that it was super phasey in my amp's (Bogner) loop. So much so that it really copped a cool Brian May, out of phase, Red Special tone! To be fair, I did not run it in stereo with another amp- it may be great in that application. I just found the Keeley so much more useful and versatile. The reverb is awesome on its own.


I am GASsing the Keeley Seafoam Plus, which supposedly has the 30 ms algorithm included with the seafoam chorus and a dual chorus. Sounds too good to be true for what I want right now. I am curious as to why the Plus costs less than the original though.

Maybe the Seafoam doesn't have the 'pro' mode so you vault run it in stereo, if that's important to you.

I gassed hard for the Keeley Super Mod station, which also has the 30ms algorithm in. The gas somewhat evaporated when I realised it does effect out and dry out, which I think would mess with the rest of stereo rig. Still be interested to try it, but probably the original 30ms would suit me better.


I own the 30ms and have played the Deco on numerous occasions (gassing to buy). The Keeley really does everything it has really well. The chorus is super lush, verb sits really well and of course the double tracker sounds incredible even in mono. Wish it had stereo outs (which apparently is coming in V2) and top jacks like the Caverns housing.

The Deco is also a fantastic take on kind of the same idea, but I've got to admit, the tape saturation ability and general layout might win me over in the end.

Never tried the Mimiq, all the vids make it seem very one dimensional and kind of a one trick pony. Idk, I guess you get what you pay for.


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Well, the 30ms has been on my board for more than one year now. I did not think I would use it as often as I am. Mainly on the Abbey mode, but also on the dimension mode for those old new wave songs !


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I have in the mail the Keeley multi-echo, which also has the ADT. Altough this one is just mono.


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Cool, that would be useful. Thanks!
Sorry I kept forgetting to do this. Here it is:

This is heel down on the expression pedal. Several things are set to change with the expression pedal.

I've written a few ADT-ish patches. This is just the one I'm currently using.

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