Keeley Electronics: RED DIRT GERMANIUM is unreal! Demo and review


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Oh man. The Red Dirt Germanium is so good. Like.....SOOOOOO good. I haven't played many overdrives that felt as responsive to this one. The controls are simple, but the tone is amazing. Anybody else have one out there? I made a video for it. Please view it if you have a couple of minutes and let me know what you think.

I was lucky to go by Robert Keeley's shop in Oklahoma and they gave me a tour of the place. It was an impressive shop and clearly they were super busy filling orders. I love to see small businesses killing it.



Does this pedal do ok with pedals/buffers in front of it? I really like the tones I'm hearing in the reviews. I'd love to have a fuzz-type OD that can be placed anywhere in the signal chain like a normal overdrive. Thanks!

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