keeley strat pickups demo


These are recorded with an M audio microtrack with built in mic then uploaded straight to box dot net with no EQ or fx. these are the alnico 2 set vintage output set. neck 5.4, middle 5.5 bridge 5.9. My pro reverb is used for all clips. Please excuse the mic being overdriven at times. I'll continue to upload clips if I get get anything better.

1: Clean tone with analog delay. Warmoth strat into analog delay into pro reverb. Im starting at the neck and working to the bridge.

2: overdriven tone . Warmoth strat into tim into analog delay into pro reverb. Im starting at the neck and working to the bridge.

3 Strat bridge PU into a Fulltone Soulbender into big Lloyde analog delay

4.soul sonic fuzz. strat bridge PU into Big Lloyde dee-layer into pro reverb

5. Soul sonic fuzz. same rig but a little lower gain

6. Clean but with analog delay and Modulation on the repeats

7. Clean with analog delay

8. clean with analog delay and highs cut on delay

9. Clean with analog delay with highs cut and mod on the repeats

10. Strat neck and bridge PU's into Tanabe Dumkudo
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anyone else try Keeley's PU's and compare them ?

Im curious how you guys think they stack up.

Let me say this: I had fralin vintage hots in my guitar and have always loved them. I went over keeleys and he has a couple MIM strat set up with his PU's and a squier too.

I kept going back and forth with my guitar and mine way noticbly harsh and duller than his even in cheap guitars. I dont know if it was the Pu's or pots or whatever but when I replaced these PU's I also put ina paper in oil cap and new pots.

It sounds better to me that his guitars maybe because of the chambered warmoth body.

If you guys have tried them let me know what you think even if its bad :)

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