Keely Comp C4 VS Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter


Anyone else use this or has used this? Ive had one for the past two years and have loved it. Scored it off of a friend for about $105.
Curios about alllllllllll the keeley hype I now have a friends 4 knob keely sitting next to the car martin on my board just to mess around with. Oh, and I mean the Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter and not the Opto compressor. Ive been messing with them side by side and I have to say that in terms of compression they both can do the very subtle compression thing very well, which is what I like. The one big difference is that the Keeley added a little darkness/fattness to the tone and the Car Martin did not color the tone one bit. Im not saying that I didnt like the keely. The added fattyness actually was a very desireable sound, but what I liked about the car martin mainly was its transparancy. It literally was my sound, slightly compressed with more sustain.

Just curious if anyone else plays the Compressor/ Limiter by Carl Martin.

For what its worth, I play a '92 American Strat Plus, with Fralin Vintage hots + Treble Bleed Mod into a port city pearl head with a 1x12 OS Port City Wave Cab loaded with a celestion Gold.

Effects Are, in order - Polytune - JHS Little Black Buffer - Carl Martin Compressor/limiter - Cusack Screamer V1 - Xotic BB Preamp - Fulldrive 2 - Timefactor - Fulltone Supa Trem...


I've used one for a long time (guess I've had it about 15 years). I normally set it as a soft limiter - threshold about 3 o'clock, compression about 9 o'clock, response all the way clockwise, and gain to taste.


I do have a Carl Martin compressor, and I'm also using it as a limiter, to boost the signal for solos.
I also use it as a buffer (this pedal is buffered), so I put it the first in the pedal chain. I have seen you have another buffer (JHS Little Black Buffer), is it good?.

I have a BB preamp and a RC Booster and I'm planning to remove the Carl Martin compressor, I feel like the BB preamp and drive pedals sound better when they see the impedance of the guitar directly (the output of the Carl Martin is 200 ohm). Have you noticed this?.

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