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Kemper profiles


Not an owner, but an aspiring owner... and modeling newb...

I've said here before, the ability to have any number of amps in a single box is pretty appealing.

Here is my list of profiles/amps I would want to try... can any of you confirm that there are good, possibly even free on the exchange, profiles of these? or any specific authors/profiles you would endorse/recommend based on these choices?

Mesa Mark V
Mesa Subway Rocket
Mesa Electradyne
Bogner Shiva
Marshall 205 or 410
Marshal Bluesbreaker
Marshall DSL
What other vintage Marshall?
Fender Twin Reverb
Fender Deluxe Reverb
Fender Vibro King
Fender Supersonic
Fender Vibrolux
Fuchs ODS
Dumble (why not!)
PRS Dallas or Super Dallas
PRS DG30 or DG50
PRS Archon
Dr Z Maz Jr or Sr
Dr Z Remedy
Koch Multitone
Rivera Fandango
Rivera Chubster
Rivera Rake
Matchless Independence


Gold Supporting Member
Part of what makes the Kemper so useful for me is it encourages experimentation. There are profiles people have recommended that I don't particularly care for, but that doesn't make them bad, just not for me. The key is get your KPA and have at it. You will quickly find what you like and don't like.

I will mention Reznor's Naylor profiles since they are not on your list and they are FREE! I use them all the time; chewy goodness.

Naylor SD60

Naylor SD60 Bite


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BTW, you OWE ME BIG TIME for doing this! LOL!

"Good" is very subjective. I'm not going to peruse each, since my tastes are probably very different. But I can say if I see them available or not from what amps I know are around. I have Rig Exchange up until 2013, so some of the "NONE" here may have popped up in the last year. Since the RE is down now, I can't search and answer, so I counted what I have organized in my file system.

TAF = Amp Factory is a Commercial Profiler
RE = Rig Exchange (free, I have up until May of 2013)
PETE = Pete's Profiles is a Commercial Profiler
SS = SoundSide is a Commercial Profiler
SINMIX = Commercial Profiler

Mesa Mark V - TAF, RE, over 120 profiles

Mesa Subway Rocket - RE, 4 profiles

Mesa Electradyne - TAF, 10 profiles

Bogner Shiva - RE, 18 profiles (r u serious, a great profiler, is considered the best on this amp)

Marshall 205 or 410 - 210: RE has 2, PETE; 410: SS, RE, 72 profiles

Marshal Bluesbreaker - TAF (favorite profile of mine) 10 profiles, RE, 4 profiles, also RE 3 emulations of this amp (one a SANS profiled SS i think)

Marshall DSL - RE has 3, SINMIX has one

What other vintage Marshall?
Look here for some answers: http://www.wikpa.org/The_Profile_Hunt
There are a TON of Vintage gear from the 50's, 60's profiled. Some online profilers specialize in it, and TAF gets them in from owners to profile and puts them in his packs.

Fender Twin Reverb - TAF has 2, Zappledan has one (free), RE hard to say as many amps have the name "Twin" and "Reverb" in them and people use different naming conventions. By my count of those that have both, about 1-2 dozen profiles.

Fender Deluxe Reverb - TAF has 2 amps fully profiled, SS has 2 amps also, RE also, something between all about 178 profiles

Fender Vibro King - TAF has 1 amp profiled (remember this means about 8-20 profiles for them, in this case 14 profiles), Zappledan has an amp profiled, RE has 8 profiles

Fender Supersonic - TAF has 2 amps, one with 6 and the other 11 profiles

Fender Vibrolux - Soundside, Zappledan, RE has 5 profiles

Fuchs ODS - PETE has an ODS XLS, RE has one profiled from the AXE

Dumble (why not!) - Yes, why NOT torture me with another amp to search!
Zappledan has 2, plus another 3 on the RE

PRS Dallas or Super Dallas - NONE
PRS DG30 or DG50 - NONE
PRS Archon - NONE

Dr Z Maz Jr or Sr - TAF has a Maz, RE has 19
Dr Z Remedy - NONE of this amp, there are 119 Dr. Z profiles of other amps

Koch Multitone - maybe NONE, there are 37 Koch profiles, can't tell now if any are Multitone (that would require more work on my part right now)

Rivera Fandango - NONE
Rivera Chubster - NONE
Rivera Rake - NONE, just see a TBR, Knucklehead & Thirty Twelve

Matchless Independence - NONE, I just see 137 profiles on Avalon 30, Chieftain, DC 30, HC 30, Nighthawk & Spitfire

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