Kemper users - would you buy a Kemper in 2018?


I've had my toaster almost 7 years, I would definitely buy another if something happened to mine.


Would def. buy another, but I'd first wait until NAMM to see if anything new is coming from Kemper......Doubtful, but hey, never know


Of course I'd buy another one in a heartbeat. It's not only the best, it's the only unit that does what it does and will likely remain that way for the forseeable future.
With the ToastMe editor, it's all I could ever want.
I absolutely love the fact that it's running on "old tech". It just shows how much of completely different paradigm it resides in when compared to "modellers" which are more focused on brute force moar powah in order to approximate a subjective interpretation of what an amp should sound like. Kemper just profiles the real thing. Done.
I always wonder why, if you're inclined to go the modeller route of approximating amp sounds or creating new sounds, would you limit yourself to an expensive, incrementally upgraded box unit. At that point you'd be better served by using the endless plugins and IR's as IMO they sound better and are more versatile than any stand alone unit. Except for the Kemper which again is not modelling, but literally giving you an actual profile of the signal chain.

As for Kemper FX, they sound great and are more than I would ever need for guitar.
I could always use plugins or my Eventide H3500 but the built in FX are great sounding.
I hate to be that guy but I'm always baffled by this need for some guitarists to have all this insane fx routing that doesn't even come close to sounding pleasant. I'm all for experimental stuff but with so many different options to achieve that I wouldn't consider it a selling point at all.

The Kemper justifies it's connection to my setup setup since it is the only product that does what it does. It gives you the actual amp in a virtual world.

Would buy again in any future year as long as it's still the best at that time.


I've had one for a couple of years and I believe it delivers big time. I would perhaps buy a follow up product.

I think the built in effects sound good and in principle, the Kemper with the Floorboard and an expression pedal provides everything that is needed for a gig.

I still prefer to run my pedalboard into the Kemper, just because .... I love fiddling with pedals and hate fiddling with menus ... but it is all psychological, not rational.


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I did grab an unpowered head, and I have zero regrets. Well, other than I don't have as much time for it as I would like....

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