Kendrick Blackframe


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I love their brownframes, so I assume the blackframe would be just as cool with the specs it goes for.
very under the radar speaks IMO.

Ed Reed

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Blackframe 10s are great. I have a Brownframe 12 in my Deluxe Reveb, a wonderful speaker.

Value? They cost about $150.00 new years ago. Depends on the market, you'd think $100.00 or so.

just ken

I have 4 of them in my original 65 Super Reverb--get lots of compliments on the amp's sound (ie, "one of the best SR's I've ever heard" etc.).

I also loan it out to a guy who gets the contracts for different acts that come through town and the guitar player with Marsha Ball was excited to get the amp b/c he also had a SR with the blackframes as his main amp at the time (but didn't bring it with him to Alaska).

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