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  1. johnnyb128

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    Oct 16, 2016
    Drewbledsoe, wanted to thank you again for all your input on the Vader. It took me 3 months but I finally ended up with a used 2015 VX6 and am super happy with it. I couldn't find a 6-er multi scale that fit my criteria despite hunting high and low...I really wanted multi based on what you said (and maybe will end up with one eventually anyway). There were a couple that came up on the Kiesel in-stock page but I hesitated on both and when I went back the subsequent day they were gone.

    Drew, your help in answering all my questions was invaluable and I really appreciate it. If anyone else reads this rest assured that drew here knows what he's talking about. Dead on about the 20" radius being no big deal, this one has med-jumbo frets and they're totally fine as you said, and what you said about 7 vs 6 string led me to make the right choice in 6 since i'm newer to the instrument. Before this turns into a Drewbledsoe love-fest i'll stop with the statement that it's helpful/knowledgeable people like you that make this site my favorite place on the internet and a great resource for people into guitar.

    The Vaders are awesome guitars, this thing plays smooth as butter, perfect fretwork and finishing, A+ all around. I'm not entirely sure about the stock pickups but won't change them if at all for awhile (they are a bit bright for my taste). Don't get me wrong, it still sounds great stock and there are a lot of tones you can get out of this. Whenever i start thinking i'll change pickups out I always tell myself "practice instead and get better first" and that usually stops the buying fever.

    Lastly, if I remember right there was a question about traveling with it and now that i've got one i'm pretty confident this will fit in the overhead w/case no problem.

    Here it is:


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    Jun 16, 2006
    San Francisco
    Has anyone played a Vader with a middle single coil?
  3. sedawkgrep

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    Oct 6, 2012
    OMFG that is HOT! I love it!!
  4. sixesandsevens

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    Jan 5, 2010
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    Raising or lowering the pickup height can do wonders too. Give that a shot next time you get the urge to change them out.

    Enjoy the guitar!
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    The Vader is one of their big sellers, so there are a ton of examples out there. I would suggest browsing used sites as well as the Kiesel buy/sell Facebook group, before you commit to the 3 month wait for a custom order. I have been buying stuff from Carvin/Kiesel since 2001, and I have always been satisfied. I think their build quality is even better than it was in the past.

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