killer Neil Peart tribute by kid rocking R30 drum set


it's a dude, you guys been in lockdown too long. I wasn't convinced and went looking.

from the comments on the video linked above.
Mobile Freedom
2 weeks ago
Medmac2112 Wwwoooooow!!! You’re developing Into a beautiful young woman and an increasingly amazing drummer! Congratulations!!! Who made that kit? It’s amazing! So precise! I’m Zero Point Giant everywhere. I’ve been a Rush fan since I was 13. If you like my latest single,
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2 weeks ago
Mobile Freedom Thanks, I really appreciate that! DW crafted 30 of these commemorative R30 kits in 2006, I am extremely lucky to own one. Btw, I am a guy but you don’t have to feel bad. I get that a lot because of my hair.

just to confirm, this is what chicks look like
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