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Killing a Super Reverb


Would using a attenuator with a Super Reverb be a good way to crank it up a bit at home without killing the tone?

I assume the attenuator would keep the volume reasonably low while giving the electronics a workout ... possibly making the cranked but attenuated tone sound better than keeping the volume low without the attenuator.

What do you think?


I use a UA with my 65 bassman. I also just grabbed a weber zMatcher to help with the large impedance mismatch. Works great, if you want clean tones get the plexi switch.


I have used a Dr. Z attenuator with a couple amps with great results. You can rock out with high volume tone at low volumes.


I have been using a THD Hotplate with my ancient SR for 8 years. Works great with 4 and 8 db attenuation and pretty good with -12 db. If you constantly need to go for -12db or -16db you need another amp.

Rob Taft

Gold Supporting Member
I use a UA with my SF Pro Reverb.I'm pleased with UA. I'm not a gigging musician but I don't use it to play at bedroom volume mostly just to get bit of a break up at a volume that doesn't drive me out of the room. I have a unit with the "bedroom switch" and "plexi switch"...I bought it on Ebay and I don't use either one. I use a ZenDrive 2 and an H&K Tube factor for overdrive.


Silver Supporting Member
I had a trainwreck 2/4 ohm it was OK for taking "REALLY loud" down to "still pretty loud", any lower and it sucked the life out of the tone. Wasn't much point to it IMO.

I've opted for other amps. To get my "mini-Super" tone I use a 25 watt 5E3 with Paul-C and tone mods, 6L6's and a GZ34 recto through an EVM12L.

Not a bedroom amp, but perfect for any small gig where you want to get great break up with some clean spank left. Kind of Super on 6 or 7 break up with out the volume level.

- DStefani

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