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Kimock in Denver

Discussion in 'Artist Spotlight' started by flavaham, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. flavaham

    flavaham Member

    Sep 15, 2011
    Aurora, Co.
    Not that @kimock needs me to promote him, but I figured I'd weigh in on the shows from this weekend in Denver.

    I've seen Steve in several scenarios over the years and it's always a treat. The dude just has tone for days and plays some of the tastiest lines out there. But this run was more than that!

    First off, the lineup. Just incredible. I wasn't sure how Leslie was going to fit in with what he does, but wow. Her voice is incredible! She didn't wow anyone on the keys but definitely added to the texture and was never out of place. I'd go see her solo after these shows. Seriously, that voice...

    As for keys - Jeff Chimenti. Another dude I've seen a ton. He leaned heavily on the Rhodes over the two shows and just killed it! That sound is just so good! There were countless times where he would play something and Steve would just light up! The chemistry was incredible. (Jeff was also gracious enough to snap a picture with my girl and I post show. Thanks Jeff!)

    Andy Hess on the Fender bass. Wow. So smooth and locked in. He was an absolute rock and I love his playing!

    JM Kimock on the skins! I recently saw John with the Mike Gordon Band. He impressed the hell out of me then but he just destroyed it over the course of these shows! First, the sound of his kit is so honed in! A simple 4-piece kit but everything is tuned perfectly. His toms go from subtle to absolutely thunderous based on the moment and he is CLEARLY locked into what's happening around him. I can say with absolute certainty that he's not making it as a drummer simply because his dad is well known in the scene!

    And then there's Mr. Kimock. I'm sure most around here are aware of him as a performer but I've just gotta say, if you haven't gone to one of his shows, you will not be disappointed. His playing transcends so many other players that I spend top dollar to see live. He can go from total chameleon, blending in and letting things unfold around him, to face melting guitar lines at the drop of a hat. His tone is something that I've often looked to for inspiration. Every note is deliberate and has a life of its own. To me, his playing and approach to music are exactly what music should be. Compound that with some of the most advanced knowledge of theory and technique and you've got some incredible playing, right there in your face.

    Anyhow, I don't usually do this kind of thing but I was floored by these shows. Steve is playing as well as I've ever heard him and this band is stacked! Go see him next time you can!

    And, thanks Steve!

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