Sold Kingsley Deluxe 32 (Local, NJ)


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Selling my Kingsley Deluxe 32 2x12 combo. Has the series/parallel switch and passive loop option, and a footswitch for a boost for channel one and channel 2 with a level control for each. Loaded with a celestion greenback and a g12h. I really wish I could afford to keep it, but I have a Tone Baron already and can't really keep everything, so unfortunately something has to go. It is in great condition and works perfectly. I live in the Toms River area of New Jersey but am willing to drive a decent distance to meet up. I really love this amp and wouldn't mind too much if it didn't sell. My wife might be a little unhappy if it doesn't sell but I'd love to keep it around if I could.

NOS el84's also comes installed, probably should have mentioned that earlier. I have to double check, but I'm pretty sure they are RCA's

No trades please

Asking $2600

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