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Kingsley Jester: What do you stack with it ?


Gold Supporting Member
One hour into the honeymoon with the Jester...

Simply stunning. I cannot imagine using the term 'amp like' to describe another pedal again. Im shocked by how great this is... Indeed, lost for words at the moment...

Full review to follow.

Anyway, what do you stack with the Jester, if at all ?


Jester is great for smoothing things out or boosting things. I have had great result stacking HBOD and Morgan Shadow fuzz infront of my jester, fuzzface goes well with it too, really captures that "amp is about to blow up" feel, but at manageable volume!


Peace, Love and Coltrane
Silver Supporting Member
I have a Minstrel. Tim in front, klon after it to boost it.
How do you compare the Klon in comparison to the 3 boost modes on the Jester itself? Is it really that much more outstanding than the boost section of the Jester? I'm quite interested and would likely get one (if the new version ever comes out) if it really stands out beyond the Jester's available options.


Currently I have a SolidGold SuperDrive synergy in front and a Klone after.
The SuperDrive is OK in front. The best I've tried so far but I'm yet to find something better cause it's not perfect. I've also tried TS808, Clay Jones clone and a couple of others that I can't remember.
I'm curious to try out a fuzz in front.

The Klone after the Jester is magic. The Jester sounds great on it's own but with the Klone (always on) it's larger than life:) It makes my Princeton revrb clone sound really big.


I set my Matamp to a crunch level, have the Jester always on & use the Fulltone Fulldrive for solo's to get a bit more gain & sustain. I have used it in the studio with an original Marshall Guv'nor pedal in front to get a bit of a higher gain chug going. Doesn't play well with my Tim before or after & I find that fuzz works better in my rig after the Jester.

It's the heart of my setup, so easy to dial in a great sound no matter what volume I need to have the Matamp. :aok

Blues Lyne

I've found a dirty type boost works well into my Jouster. I use a germanium boost and a diy pedal similar to a COT50. I didn't really like pedals with a strong mid boost as well before it.



That's it. Jester -> TimeLine -> amp (a Vox).

By the way, I sometimes set my Jester to "Klon." Pretty nice!

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