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Kirk Hammett officially jumps to Gibson


Weird. Gibson doesn't even make any thin neck, long scale shredders like he plays, do they? And no pointy headstocks!
The scale length difference between 24.75" and 25.5" is pretty small. I'll note having played his various signatures over the years, they're both not that thin in the neck. The ESP thin U feels a lot like a Les Paul with the 60's profile neck to my hands. I own both.

His most recent signatures (this was new within the last couple years) looked like this. They're only a little pointy. One of the guitarists in my band has one - it's actually a very nice guitar.



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Kirk is 58 this year.

It seems kind of odd for Gibson to sign a guy known for playing ESP guitars and waiting until he's AARP eligible.

Does this not strike anyone else as odd?
I would argue that Kirk is now more “known” (over say the past 4 or 5 years) for playing Greenie. He’s pictured with it constantly and by his own admission, he brings it everywhere he goes. It’s certainly the guitar I associate more with him now (as opposed to his old black ESP “Caution”).

His first good guitar was a 70’s Gibson V; he played it on the first three albums and Gibson did a limited run of replicas a few years ago.

Metallica may be getting on in age but they have given zero indication that they are planning on shutting down the machine anytime soon.


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I'd be shocked if its an exclusive deal where he had to give up using ESP altogether... a guy in Kirk's position has leverage, more so than Mustaine or Cantrell or just about anyone else they're working with lately aside from Slash. They'll do a Les Paul and V and maybe something else for him, maybe a Greenie replica or the doublecut Ace/Strings & Things '68 LP he has, but I don't see them replacing his ESP sig.

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