klein pickup overload


Hey guys, i have put together a partscaster like david gilmours black strat (mainly because i love the look of it) and at the moment i have texas specials in it, but im looking to change. I like the neck and the neck/mid position when i turn the mids down a touch on the amp, and i play a mixture of clean and crunch (bridge pickup)

Now ive been looking at the klein pickups but theres so much to choose from, im looking at the 65 set, the s-5 set (maybe with a 63 for the bridge), the david gilmour set, and the 59 set. - my head is spinning :messedup

so i guess my concerns are:
the david gilmour set will be all over the place tone-wise
the scooped set won't overdrive nicely
the 65 set will be too mid humped (could be COMPLETELY wrong about this)
the 59 set sounds quite nice but i dont know enough about them

the soundclips are good for them but i dont have good speakers and there different players/amps etc so its ahrd to tell.

any comments at all would be a huge help :)

thanks guys,


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I really like the S-1 set I have in my rat rod Strat. High output, but you can dial them in for some sweet tones on tap. :aok


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Email Chris. He has answered a bunch of emails form me very quickly.

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