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Klon buffer question?!?!?


This is my first post EVER because I really need some help. I recently went all true bypass and built a klon buffer (from beavis audio). However, I want to add a boost to it. I want to be able to turn the boost on and off via a foot switch and be able to control how much boost I want via an external pot. I would also like an LED indicator light to let me know when the boost was on. I'm just not sure how to do this without turning the buffer on and off also. When the boost is disengaged, I want the signal back to unity gain. I'm kinda new to this so I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but I know there are people out there WAY smarter than I am. If someone could help me with this it would be great! Thanks in advance!


Just build the boost as you would if it were a single effect (complete with switch, LED etc) and insert the buffer either before it (between the input jack and the switch) or after it (between the switch and the output jack).

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