Klon Centaur.....?


I am just wanting to know WHY Klons are so expensive these days.
The asking price on one here is $750.
What's up with these?
Are they no longer made or what's the deal?
Horsey vs non-horsey seems to be a big deal as well...........
Just looking to educate myself on the mystery of the KLON.


Supply, Demand, and good old internet hype.

I prefer my Bad Bob boost far more over the Klon I tried.:cool:


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The Klon I prefer much to my Bad Bob.

But the horsey graphic makes no diff - so you can pick up one
for a lot less, or get a new one in a reasonable time for less
than a BJF pedal. I think they're worth it.


Gold Horsey Klons sound much better... and also improve sexual performance.


Dont beat up on my horsey!!! :horse



All depends on how much you want one. I sold a Way Huge Aqua Puss for $650 BIN on eBay last yet in 2 hours. Wish I'd had asked for more. :BITCH ;)

A good pedal and a rare one. Again it's worth what the market well bare.


I don't see what makes the Klon so special. In a fairly recent boost and OD shootout it pretty much had the least amount of ass in the whole bunch. IMO Sure it was nice, but not worth the inflated prices you see around.


It's okay if you get mad and try to insult me because I didn't care for the Klon. Just because it works for you doesn't mean it works for me and that's the bottom line.


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Only a Klon does what it does, so if you want that you need one.
BUT, there are lots of other great pedals. Different, not better or worse.
You can get a NEW one for $345 (?), if you'r willing, like me, to wait 12-14 weeks. Call Bob at the Perfect Note.
Gold/Horse: no difference, just collector BS.


I agree. A klon does what it does very well and I can't take that away from it. It's just not my thing, and that doesn't mean it's bad. I certainly apologize to you guys if I have come off too brash.


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Hey I'm not mad!

I didn't mean it was tired thread either - that graphic was the closest code I could find to represent the horsey...meaning - people are lusting after the horsey graphic, which is a little crazy...



Maybe I din't operate it correctly but I didn't find anything particularly magical about the Klon.
I guess I should have downloaded the manual....

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