Klon KTR at 18v: DON'T!!!!! but what if you did?


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This question comes up every once in a while, so I thought I address a thread to it specifically.

The Klon KTR, the original Klon and some Klones use a "protection diode" to protect the charge pump (which can blow up at 10v apparently) in case you plug in a power supply with the wrong polarity or too high voltage. It sacrifices it's little life for your (my!) stupidity. Anything more than 9v and zzzzzt. Usually the pedal will go completely dead, although it may work intermittently or fuzzily. If this happens, QUICK unplug the power, hit yourself in the forehead...

Then take apart the pedal. YOu'll see a little cooked chiclet near the two components labeled "These are essential", under the ribbon cable for the footswitch (which you'll have to unplug). It'll be the one that smells burnt, is kinda crunchy and loose on its solder pads. If you pry the cooked little chiclet GENTLY off the pcb your Klon will magically return to life! If it's hard to remove, you might want to heat it up with a soldering iron on each end before you lift it.

Now you have two choices:
1. Only run it with batteries from now on-no possibility of over voltage cooking it again!
2. Replace the diode (or get someone to replace it)-a much better idea if you want to go back to using your power supply (because it's just possible that the power supply will go over 10v and then the pedal really is cooked).

Parts are:
You can pick them up at Radio shack locally.

SMD version


Just like if you tell a kid, "Don't shove beans in your nose!" That's the first thing they do. So, ...... "Don't use 18v with a KTR." :p

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