klon, tubedriver,eternity,cornish,what order


Klon, Etern, G-2, SS-2, and Tube Driver last. You may find it too much with four of those containing buffers...may i suggest a looper of sorts or rack switching system.


I'd go:

G-2 -> SS-2 -> Eternity -> Tube Driver -> Klon

I have the G-2, SS-3, Tube Driver and Klon on the board myself. Great, great pedals! G-2 into Klon is probably my all time favourite pedal combination. With this setup you can use both Tube Driver and Klon as booster for those other pedals, which I recommend highly.


I think this would depend on which pedals you are planning to use for low gain, med gain, high gain, and boost...also which pedals you plan to stack.

I have all of these pedals except the Klon, but I have a Timmy that I use for very low gain/boost at the end of my chain and for a bit of eq.

I'd probably set them up like BigMuffPi said:

G-2 (high gain) -> SS-2 (med gain) -> Eternity (med gain)-> Tube Driver (low gain) -> Klon (boost/very low gain) (my Timmy here) OR

Same as above except swap SS2 (low gain) and Tube Driver (med-high gain)


All I care about is the Klon goes last. Tube Driver -> Klon (clean boost, no gain) would probably sound great.


All the pedals are racked in a rack swicthing system. Its great. 10 ft of lyric hg cable total connects them all. Stoked on my signal integrity and my highs. I have gotten rid of keeley ts, fd 2, keeley sparkle......all the pedals that were good for a bit, but just ended up not meeting my personal needs. Always one step away... One main consideration for stacking (though I don't do alot, and eq when I do) was that the eternity has a treble booster. Generally I put eq before and after gain. i thought it might be good to have it at the beginning of the chain. The pedals feed a two rock opal and a cae 3+se . gtr/rack wah/ switcher/ pedals/ amps/ serial eq and modulation, dry center, then a a line mixed stereo for the final wet portion. In the middle of racking everything this week. Took years, but I finally have my dream rig. Not looking to touch anything except programming for years . Using wirelss midi, g2- for guitar, and cv for wah and volume. I found my personal grail!

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