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Sold Knaggs Kenai Tier 2 Spalted Maple with Turquoise inlays - Upgrades Montys PAF -price drop 2950 shipped snd paypal


Silver Supporting Member
Beautiful Knaggs Kenai Tier 2 with Tourqoise inlay. Upgraded with Monty's PAF pickups and Jonesy Blues 59 Les Paul Harness with Luxe Bumblebee capacitors and tested CTS 550k pots and high quality input Jack This guitar will Rival the best out there....
Ebony board. Upper 7 lbs. Large 59 C neck. Satin finish near mint but due to intrinsic nature of finish might have some faint swirl/haziness. Milimiter size imperfection pictured (only 1 other lint)...
Recently professionaly set up with Stringjoy 10s..

Basically new guitar...with massive upgrades.

Knaggs Kenai
3300 shipped and paypal. Original harness, certificate and case candy in case.

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