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Koll Guitar Company news!

Saul Koll

I’m very excited to tell all of you about the next chapter of Koll Guitar Company. As some of you might have already heard, I’ve ended my business relationship with Premier Builders Guild. The PBG concept was an experiment that I’m glad I was part of, and Gene Baker and his team in Arroyo Grande built some amazing guitars. But as of this month, I’ve brought all production back to Portland, and I’ll be personally overseeing all aspects of Koll builds. I’m currently bringing on some additional hands, ramping up my supply chain, and building up an inventory of new guitars for dealers and direct-to-player sales.

But what I’m most excited about (and hope you will be too) is that I’ll be introducing new features including custom-made hardware, pickups, and other accessories. Moving the Glide production to California for those years allowed me to woodshed and develop many new ideas, some of which will be featured on the new guitars. For example, I’ve been working on a vibrato design for quite a while now, and I’ll be debuting that. The first batches of guitars with these new features will be unveiled this fall, and we’ll be showcasing them at NAMM in January.

We’ll also have a new website launching soon. I’m really looking forward to getting all this new stuff out there! Until then, you can follow along on Instagram and Facebook as I work on these new creations. 2016 will be my 30th year making guitars, and it’s going to be an exciting year. Thanks for your continued support of my work.

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Best of luck with this endeavor. I love your designs. Very interested in seeing what comes out of your shop!


Silver Supporting Member
Best of luck Saul!
I am very excited for you.
Brian, you and I will talk soon.

Dana Olsen

Platinum Supporting Member
Congrats Saul - you've always been one of my favorite builders, I'm totally looking forward to the next chapter.

By the way, I hear it's gonna be like 106 'freakin degrees in Portland this weekend - guess you won't need that umbrella or sweater (GRIN).

Good on ya, congrats, Dana O.


World Crass Guitarist
Gold Supporting Member
I`m along for the ride on the Ultraglide !!!! thanks for all your great work .


I was playing my Koll (fan fret Tornado, one of the pics above) the other day and had to stop and ask myself the question "What is this that I am hearing?" I decided it was a quality of integrity in the sound: hard to describe, but every note is just so... solid, with a subtle impact that I seldom hear from an instrument (in 50+ years of pickin-an-strummin, I've owned a fair few). I am sure all of us would like our playing to speak to any audience that might be present. This is so much easier when the instrument is talking to the player. Thanks, Saul! Can't wait to see what else you've got up your mighty sleeves.

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