Sold Koll Super Cub!

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    The Only One For Sale In The Whole World! ... (to borrow a line from Saul Koll himself)


    Shipped and PayPal'd in the continental USA only.

    No trades. I'm selling some high end guitars and amps to fund a non-music opportunity.

    2018 Holy Grail Guitar Show and 2019 NAMM Guitar!

    2018 Koll Super Cub in excellent condition. An amazing guitar that looks, sounds, and plays beautiful. There is a certain crispness to the tone that is remarkable. I love it clean and with varying degrees of overdrive from boost to full distortion.

    This guitar is in great shape. The nitro is thin and sinking into the mahogany body. There are some small impressions in the body that I think were intentionally left due to Saul's handmade style, plus the punk rock/student model vibe of Super Cub. They are minor but you'll see them if you look around. It's part of the aesthetic. The aluminum pickguard has a light to moderate aging treatment.
    Smoke and pet free. Home and studio use only.

    The fingerboard is figured and beautiful. The first few frets show minor use. The maple neck is lightly figured and looks killer against the painted body. A great looking guitar!

    It comes with the original hard case and candy. The case is cream colored and has some evidence of use - The guitar was one of two guitars that traveled to Germany with Saul for The Holy Grail Guitar Show of 2018.

    I bought this Super Cub brand new at The Music Emporium. Below is the link with the specs and studio photos:

    Reverb link:

    Feast you eyes!







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