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  1. Dai1976

    Dai1976 Member

    Mar 7, 2015
    Hi , First Post :)

    has anyone tried the Kollmanation from http://www.tcjeffects.com

    Sounds awesome but would appreciate some feedback from users before i get one

    and why wont my youtube link work ?
  2. RockDebris

    RockDebris Member

    Feb 8, 2015
    I had the Kollmanation, but it wasn't my thing despite what I heard in videos. It was pretty extreme in the highs and lows and not warm. I liked the "boost" side the best going for a bit of crunch. Great pedal if that is the sound you are after. I actually really did like the pedal, in that kind of way that I'd hook it up once in a while and play with that type of sound, but it didn't make it onto my gigging board so I sold it.

    I still have a v3 Gristle King, Luxury Drive and Mr. Spanky. Tim makes really good pedals.
  3. guitar29

    guitar29 Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2009
    Allentown, PA
    Go with a Gristle King.
  4. MesaTone

    MesaTone Member

    Jun 16, 2012
    I love mine, and it's got a solid place on my board.

    I put an OPA2164A opamp in the boost side, and I get a gorgeous Tony Bruno clean/pushed-clean tone (if you don't know what a Bruno amp sounds like, you should check one out.). It has a nice 'moderate hump' EQ, no dramatic hump like a TS, nice bass (smaller cut than a TS), perfect for my clean/low-gain playing. It drives my medium-gain pedals very well, when I don't want the TS mid-hump (I do have a Gristle King, when I want the TS push it has it in spades - and volume to spare). I leave the Boost side on all the time, it adds a 'standing in front of a great amp with some volume' presence that's hard to find in any pedal.

    After listening to waay too many Klons and Klones, I'd have to say the boost side of the Kollmanation with the OPA chip is a better tone. It's between a full range clean boost and a TS-type, but it just adds some beautiful push clean, and when driving other pedals or a driven amp.

    The drive side has, to me, a type of Mesa distortion, a fine grain distortion with lots of muscle. For lack of a better cliche, it sounds very 'sophisticated'. Although I say 'distortion', I use this exclusively as a dirty boost to darken up my high-gain pedals, primarily Tim's Bombastortion (a great Marshall high-gain tone, and for extra meat install a 5532 opamp in the socket closest to the battery, takes the pedal into Bogner territory).

    The Gain switch comes in handy, especially if you don't use a pre-boost, and the Boost switch is the best I've ever heard for muscling up single coils and skinny HB bridge pups. Adds thickness without ever getting mushy.

    I can say that Tim's pedals all sound great when recording with headphones, something not every brand can do. Tim has a very good ear for tone, and his stuff is as good as the best of the best. I didn't set out to have three of his pedals - all on my board - but my search for tone just ended up at his door.

    I want to add that the Jeff Kollman videos don't do this pedal justice. He is demoing these pedals at higher gain, where I think they sound unbelievably good at lower-medium gain. I hope someone with excellent recording capabilities takes the time to really show what this pedal can do. It's unlike anything else out there, and excels at what it does. Tim is as good as they get for tone.
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  5. batsbrew

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    Sep 9, 2008
    JEFF'S a little high gain that way.


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