Sold KOMET 29


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The amp sell-a-thon continues… An Amazing Komet 29 amp head in mint condition with no issues at all. Comes with slip cover and power cable. Serial #K0040.

$2299 + shipping.

I accept PayPal (if you cover the fee), Venmo, Cash app, check, money order.

Trades I’m interested in +/- cash: Zvex Double Rock, Suhr Discovery, Meris Mercury7, Thorpy Bunker & Fallout Cloud, Effectrode Mercury, EQD Bows, EQD Palisades v2, Heil PR31BW (2 or 3 of them), Heil PR48 & PR22, Electro-Voice N/D468 mics, Sennheiser e904 or e604 mics, Peluso P-414, AKG C414 XLII, Fane N30, Lollar Novel Foil pickups, Radial J48 stereo active DI, PRS Starla in silver or gold (stoptail only).

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