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Kool and The Gang will be opening for Van Halen? WTF?!?!?!?


The more I think about it, the more I like it. Never been to a Kool concert but all the clips I've seen look like they put on a great show. Now I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Might be cool if VH brought out the horn section to join them on Jump, or KATG inviting Eddie to add some searing guitar work to Misled.


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to put it bluntly, I think the Kool and the Gang opening choice sucks. I'll be going to the Louisville concert, and considering the ticket price is north of $150 each, I have zero desire to see Kool and the Gang, nor do I think they have any ability to draw me in, mostly because I HATE that Celebrate song. It was gay, annoying and overplayed in the '80's and remains gay. For the life of me, I can't figure out some of VH's strategy when it comes to rewarding their loyal fans.
I find this statement a little ironic -- is your forum name related to King's X album, Mr. Bulbous?


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I think the choice is ballsy, creative and hilarious... KATG is supposed to be GREAT live.
Live a little people, think outside the box!


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I think it's a great idea!

The late, Bill Graham was well known for putting concert bills together where the acts seemingly had little to do with each other. I think this is in that spirit as well. reminds me of the time Prince was the opening act for the Rolling Stones.
I recall stories of Prince being booed off the stage at that tour. Some audiences aren't in the mood for variety.


I think it is a fabulous idea.
Why go see two bands of the same style?
I am not a big fan of VH but that is a concert I would go to aside from the fact that it is probably going to be priced beyond its value.

imagine the impact of hearing Ladies Night as the last song for the opening act then hearing "Eruption".
I think it is a very smart move.
There are a LOT of KATG fans and a lot of Van Halen fans out there, between the two of them they will have at least as good of chance as anybody packing at least one or two places.


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FWIW, a lot of you guys judging Kool & The Gang off tunes like "Celebration" & "Joanna" might not realize that they were a completely different band before that. Early K&TG funk was BADA$$ !!!

Think Parliament with better horns :D

They played my grad night in 1981. I was into VH & rock back then & really had no desire to see Kool, but my girlfriend "made me" :rolleyes:

They kicked ASS !

It was bad then:

And it's bad now (well, fairly recent !):

Here's to Mr Bell & Friends ! :beer
Saw Kool& the gang at Disney World/ epcot, and they were great. They no longer have JT, but still a funky tight band with a bunch of players.