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My trusty Yamaha MM6 has nearly bit the dust--still sounds great, but something happened to the LCD screen and I can only read a portion of it. So I am starting to think about a replacement.

Little background: in various bands over the years, I have always been the "oh yeah, you play a little keys, why don't you play some on this song" guy. The MM6 fit the bill perfectly because it had a quality set of the "basic" sounds, pianos, EPs, organs, strings, and a few basic synth sounds. A couple of things I didn't like as much about the MM6: the synth sounds were a little sparse; also, no on board effects (e.g., I like to be able to add reverb on certain sounds, but I had to use a separate rack reverb/delay unit).

So I recently discovered the Korg Kross. Seems like it fits what I need. Same basic sounds as the MM6, but stronger synth sounds; and in the same price ballpark (quality "budget") as the MM6 when it was newer.

Just curious to hear if anyone has any experience with the Kross, how'd you like it, others I'm not thinking of that fit in the same ballpark, those types of things.


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I have the Kross 88, which seems to be the same as the 61, obviously minus 27 keys and the 88 has fully weighted keys, where the 61 has semi weighted/typical synth keys. I think it is a great keyboard for live use, as the programmed sounds should be able to get whatever you want, and can easily be dialed in further with a laptop through the Program Editor. I tend to use the favorites feature and program all the various sounds I would ever need. I don't use the sequencer myself.

My only wish would be for a drawbar controller to allow more live control over the organs. However, with all of the favorites slots available, you can program several organ sounds for variety.


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Why not get an older Yamaha Synth instead? I would look into the old Motif 6 or Motif ES6, that way you can shape the sound more, and do sampling. Not to mention, you have a sequencer and several arpeggiators.

If you're looking for something really basic, I would also stick to Yamaha, they have in my opinion some of the best samples for acoustic instruments like pianos, strings, and organs (MX61 would be a nice option).

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