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  1. Bueller...

    Bueller... Member

    Jul 19, 2010
    I have read the one long thread about this pedal but have not heard much since.

    What are your thoughts on this pedal vs the Timefactor, Timeline, or other delays in a similar price range? Just curious what your opinions are. Thanks.
  2. kludge

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    May 15, 2007
    I haven't tried the SDD-3000 yet, but I live with a Disaster Transport SR, and was very impressed by an Empress Tape Delay. Any modern, expensive delay is going to be really nice, sound great, and have some unique features. The question is, what do you really do with a delay? Will the interface drive you nuts, or make your life easier? Is there some critical feature missing?

    For example, my favorite thing about the Disaster Transport SR is that I can do both trails and no trails very naturally in realtime, without having to program anything. But I find the modulation on the A channel a bit heavyhanded, and I wish the reverb on the B channel was more spacious. I don't think it's a permanent dweller on my pedalboard (hey, maybe the SDD-3000 will replace it).

    What gets me more than anything else with delays is the tone of the attack, not the decay (where all the vendors put their work). I find that most delays bite down too hard on the attack - analog BBD delays and most digital. The best are tape (impractical), really old digital, and a few modern devices. I'll probably have a Nova Delay forever just because I like the attack so much.

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