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KOT vs Morning Glory


Oh I'm not frustrated at all. I've just grown bored with the conversation that's going nowhere. Like I said no names were mentioned. I said one is a stand up guy that knows tone, and the other I wouldn't own any of his pedals. Josh just assumed I was talking about him. Guilty conscious, I don't know :idk For all he knows it may have been the other way around :idk

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Semantic games are boring. It's pretty obvious exactly what was implied and who it was about.

Raymond Lin

I didn't mention anybody's name or company name. You guys keep assuming. All I said is do a little research, but obviously you guys are just going to take somebodies word for it and stay naive. Whatever... I'm out

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The real question is we all know what you mean so why can't you just come out and say it?

What are you scared of?


One is made by a stand up guy that knows tone. The other, well I'll just keep my mouth shut, but I'd never own one of his pedals no matter how good it may sound, especially since I could probably get the original cheaper, lol

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Two things are true about what you've said.

1. You are obviously implying someone's got bad character...that much is for sure.
2. You never give an opinion on the TONE of the two pedals.

A quick search of all your posts via TGP explains exactly who you are referring to. Sorry, but this thread isn't about Josh's character, but the difference between the two pedals.

You sir, are not keeping your mouth shut. Silly.


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I have 2 drive pedals on my board. KoT V4 for low and medium gain and a Morning Glory to be used as a boost / edge-of-breakup. I use the MG for cleaner stuff and the KoT for crunchy goodness.

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