KRK V series V4's vs. V6's v. V8's + or - Sub ?


Hi, been reading a lot about the KRK V series monitors. They seem to be a great deal for the money, but I just can't figure out which pair would be best for my needs, V4's, V6's or V8's ...

I plan on recording rock pop music with layers of acoustic stringed instruments, electric guitars and basses, synths and pianos and drums and percussion (with drum machine initially).

Would I need a subwoofer with that ? Or can bass be felt enough through those to translate nicely to different sound systems ?

Since our music covers wide ranges of styles from techno-ish to ambiant rock to totally pop, I thought the middle choice (V6) would be the best bet, but i'd like to hear opinions about them.



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Dynaudio bm6a if it's in the budget, bm5a if not.

I actually like the v4 most of the v series but you'll need a sub. Although people standing right next to me hated the v4 when I tried them. They sound small but then they are. I found them to be the most detailed and delicate of the series. They make a great 2nd set of monitors.

The bm5a sounds huge for such a small speaker. I kind of think it's a little too much of a good thing, if you know what I mean. Trades some detail for hyped bass. Still, I'd recommend it over the KRK.


I don't care for the V4s, even as tiny little monitors for next to your computer. The first series V6s were pretty good. The second series have gotten some poor reviews. The V8s don't compare to some others for similar money. I had a pair of passive KRKs about ten years ago, and they were pretty decent as a second monitoring system, but...not really that great.

the dynaudios are very nice. Supposedly the new Events with the eight inch woofers are surprisingly good.

But honestly, what do I care if you get something absolutely awful? How does that affect my life, or even my karma?

Having concluded that it doesn't, I think the only reason I post here is to blab blab blab.

I used to be very helpful. :)

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I had a set of the first series V6's and they were pretty good, didn't fatique you, but had hashy mids.

I went to Dynaudio Bm6A's and dug them. The top end was a little grating over longer listening doses, and now I am quite happy with the "lowly" Mackie 624's. Some of the nicest monitors for the money I have ever heard.

Just my opinion.


I liked both the dynaudio and m-audio series in this price range... ended up settling on Wharfedale's which I have been thrilled with. But since I am not sure if the Wharfedale's are readily available... either of the other two would be my take...


>>I am quite happy with the "lowly" Mackie 624's. Some of the nicest monitors for the money I have ever heard<<

I think they're great, and having had far more expensive and highly regarded monitoring systems over the years, I won't even put the "for the money" qualifier on them.

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