KTS 70, Morgan Amps, Variac, bedroom volume

scotty danger

Silver Supporting Member
I've been holding off on playing guitar in my condo, but I decided to mess around with low volume options today. I used a variac and kept the AC20 volume pretty low. While definitely not ideal, I'm still happy with the tones. The KTS 70 speaker is simply phenomenal - I couldn't be happier with my speaker choice.

I recorded through an Mbox into Pro Tools - no EQ on the guitar. Lollar 52T bridge, RS kit, Baja Tele, AC20, Morgan cab, KTS 70, a little bit of shadow fuzz, a little bit of Octron, and a Subdecay Echo Box.

Hmm - the embed code isn't working - my bad. Sorry, here is the link:


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