Kudos to my Rice Telecaster


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I auditioned yesterday for a band. Had been debating what equipment would put me in the best light. Brought my Gadow Custom Hollow, which I've been playing for a while, and a Rice Telecaster, which I've had for a few days. I also brought a 65 Amps London Combo which I've only had for a week or so.

A few songs in we were going to play Funk 49 and some Stones stuff. I thought the tele would be a good choice and lend some diversity to my presentation. Well, the guitar with the London (and a Fuchs Plush xtreme and occasional treble boost) sounded great. Complemented the strat/Marshall JVM the lead player was using very nicely. It stayed out the rest of the tryout. I don't know if I got the gig yet, but I was really happy with the sound I was getting.

Afterward, I went to the Brookdale Guitar Show and took the Rice inside in case there was anything special I wanted to demo. Stopped by to say hi to Jimmy Somma and hear his amps. He does my setups but I've never heard his stuff demoed. He showed my all the Roaring 40 has to offer using my guitar. Wow, did it (and the amp) sound gorgeous. On my way out of the show, someone stopped me wanting to buy the guitar after seeing it and hearing Jimmy play.

So kudos to the Rice brothers. And to 65 Amps. And that Sommatone Roaring 40 sounded just killer too!


I'm not surprised, the Rice guitars appear to be very well built and every review I've read has been positive.

Good luck with the band.

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