LA Amp Show Shout out....


Hey Everybody,

Just wanted to give a big shout out and Thank You to Loni and the Crew for putting on such a great event. It's been a blast so far and a great opportunity to put faces to GP members who've come by my room. This has been a very easy show to be at and I appreciate all the hard work the Loni has put into this event. Thank You!

Also wanted to say thanks to Big Mike for coming by to play and for introducing me to the crew. Your Awesome.....and Jim Wagner and Carl and everyone else (sorry I've forgotten a bunch already), that came by my room today to say "Hey". If anyone is at the show on Sunday, please come by and introduce yourself as a forum member, so I can see some more faces!

Cheers All and Thanks again.

Matthew Miller
Miller Ampwerks

Loni Specter

Thanks for being part of the best show yet! You picked a good one to debut your fine amps. Nothing but good can come of it.

big mike

Cathode biased
Platinum Supporting Member
ha just saw this..I started a thread about your amps today.
That pine street is still sticking with me...killer amp.

Great hanging with you!

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