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    ok, i give up. i hate asking for help with this but i have spent most of today trying to figure out something that should be relatively simple. i need to install a single lace sensor dually into an old fender bullet. i need to use a mini on/on/on switch and wire it so that i get front single/both/rear single. i need one volume and one tone pot.

    lace music's wiring diagrams and every other one that i have found are incomplete. they show how to wire the toggle but the one lead from it goes to a selector switch and not to the volume pot. anyway, i tried a couple of combinations that i thought would work but i've never dealt with a six wire pup before and when i left the shop it was sitting there laughing at me..and not working.

    can anyone provide a link to a detailed wiring diagram for what i need?

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    Jan 20, 2004
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    thank you dg..i managed to get it working today but all i got was single/parallel/single and i needed series. that's a great site..thanks again.
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    just wanted to add that i did get it to do what i wanted by tieing the north finish to the south start and putting them on the center lug..that gave me that big series boost i was looking for...i was complicating it just to confuse myself i suppose.:D
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    Which ones are they, by color?

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