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Lace Sensor Neck pickup anyone?


Have you tried a Silver in the neck position? I'm curious how it compares to the Emerald, because on paper they seem very similar, slightly overwound/fat strat tone.
Nope, only tried in the middle position. I never really liked the silver pickup, so I didn't bother trying it in any other positions. However, I could see where it might seem like a good neck pickup on paper. I still have a silver laying around here somewhere. Maybe I'll slap it into my Strat.


Silver Supporting Member
I've used the Silver Lace Sensor in the neck of my Clapton strat and American Standard Tele. I think it would be perfect for your style of music. I eventually switched to DiMarzio Area pickups on the strat because they were more classic strat-sounding. Play with the height-- it makes a difference.

Jack Dotson

Silver Supporting Member
Not a big fan of their customer service. Might be do to the virus, but before the virus I was corresponding with them about a defective gold neck pickup and a double bridge that wouldn’t fit my guitar. They emailed they would replace and told me to call them them the following Monday (email was sent on the Friday before) which I did. Tried several times that day and many times afterwards and they don’t answer or respond to emails. Not sure if they’ve gone under or what, but they’re not responding so be aware if ordering from them direct.

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