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Laney AOR 2x12 cab - anyone know the dimensions?


Hi errbody! I've been absent a lot this year thanks to this thing called life. :p Anywho, I have a shot at an 80s vintage Laney AOR 2X12 cab with the speakers mounted diagonally from each other. I want to cut my Peavey Ultra 112 down to a head and set it on top of this cab with my WGS ET90 and stock Sheffield 1230 in it.

My one question though - what is the depth of the cab at the top? I've seen elsewhere that it measures 26"w x 26"h x 12"d. If that 12" depth is measured at the top, then I'm golden... the Ultra is 11" deep. I just can't seem to find anywhere in all of Google that can confirm it for me. Anyone here knowmthat dimension?

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