Laney GH50L + Marshall anniversary 4x12 cab at true bedroom volume

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    Jan 23, 2017
    Right, just got this amp a week ago and made a quick recording of it to preserve its sound for posterity.

    Do NOT mind (or comment on) the "playing", it really is just unplanned noodling while adjusting the amp.
    Link works now...

    Click through the file instead of wasting time: After a few seconds i turn the lead boost off and gain1 is at around 6 - then i turn gain up to 10 (still no boost) and play around with the pickups for a while - at 1:40 i kick the boost back in going back to a setting of gain1 at 6 and boost gain at 9* and the rest of the clip is noodling on the boost "channel".

    eq settings were probably: B8 M7 T6 - P 5 , resonance not engaged

    Remember, this is at LOW volume - there is a point where i switch pickups, and you can hear the click from the switch is as loud as the guitar on the recording. (I also had a drum machine going (as low as the guitar) and it bleeds into the guitar track occasionally.)

    Guitar > amp - lo input > marshall cab (probably g12T.75 - haven't looked). No boosts, drives or anything. Pickups are JB bridge and SSL-1 neck. Kramer neckthrough.
    Miced with an Audix OM-2 (touching the grille cloth right over the center/dust cap of the top left speaker) and though my desk (no eq) into an R-16 recorder.

    The only thing that was done to the file is some normalization (to -6db) in Audacity.

    This is a pretty raw recording...

    * I like the gain structure, by varying the two gain controls there are a few different textures to be found in the amp, if you keep gain 1 low and boost high it smooths out, and conversely, ig you blast the boost with lots of gain one and keep boost low it gets grainier...

    The rig in question (cost me 300USD alltogether):

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    The GH50l was my main head in my college days. A very underrated amp with amazing tones for little $$$. If I was in a situation where a jcm800esque amp was needed, I wouldn’t hesitate to go there again.
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