Laney Ironheart LED problems


I love my Ironheart, it's got twice the tone of a Boogie at half the price. However, soon after I bought it, the Power and Standby lights flickered out and stopped working. I suspect this is caused by a loose solder connection as they turn on if I remove the cover and push on them a little. It's not really a big problem since the light behind the grill still works but it bugs me. Is there a way to fix this without risking $1000 worth of damage?


Its a pretty common problem with Laneys. When I had a Laney I tried tightening it, cleaning it, a new bulb and came to the conclusion Laney just dosn't care about fixing the pilot light in their amps.

Leaving the light unfixed shouldnt hurt anything but I understand it is annoying. If its under warrenty Laney should be able to give you directions to a authorized repair shop. In my case I had 5 close by

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