Sold LAST DROP FOR EX - EBMM Blue Dawn Axis, Solid Red Cherry (Sparkle) Axis EX, Black Cherry burst Axis SuperSport Semi-Hollow w/ Piezo


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All of these are for sale on Reverb - will show one pic of each and share the link to see more. Full details and a bunch of pics are at each Reverb link - plus you can see my Reverb feedback, too. Ping me if you have questions!

TRADES: EBMM Axis or Axis SS (preferably purple/amethyst, Lava burst, or the 2018 blue BFR AxisSS) or Luke III (if you have a blue pacific sparkle to trade, we REALLY need to talk). I'd consider trades for other EBMMs (especially the new Albert Lee BFR HSS) but Axis and Luke are my faves. Short scale EBMM basses might even be of interest. PRS Hollowbodies or semi-hollows might be of interest. Steinbergers, maybe. The only amps I'm the least bit interested in right now are Mesa Mark V 35, RectoVerb 35, EVH 5150 (preferably the concentric knob EL34, but would consider the 6L6) or Boss Katana Mark II Artist. I'd definitely be into trades where money flows my way but would also send money your way for something that interested me.

EBMM 2002 Blue Dawn - brass big block and titanium upgrades and D-Tuna -- SOLD

EBMM Axis EX 1990s Solid Cherry Red (Sparkle) - EVH style MIJ - TGP purchase price $2100 shipped in the continental US

EBMM Axis Black Cherry burst Axis SuperSport Semi-Hollow w/ Piezo -- SOLD

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