Last one for this project... yay!


Finally finished the tracking for the last song on this project.

It is more or less a pop song... but when it get to the middle it just gets kinda funkyish/weird/neat?

Worth a listen (for the middle) if you have the time.

Last one

BTW.. I was experimenting with a plug-in with the bass... and the results kinda suck... and yes... I know it is WAY too loud. But this is not mixed just like the rest of um.



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The wah got a little old to my ears after the first minute or so but I loved the break starting around 2:40 or so. Great playing as usual. :cool:


Normster - Thanks a ton!

Fretmaster - I was a bit worried about that. Here was the reason I did it (and I would LOVE suggestions for another approach). On this particular song, I actually wrote the entire melody by singing... then tried to recreate the same inflections with my guitar. I thought the wah would help to make it sound more... um... "vocally", which it does (compared to not using it)... but I would really appreciate hearing other ideas for how to approach this!! Though I am WAY to lazy to rerecord this... I am sure I'll wanna try this kinda thing again soon.

rkstarr - Ok... here it is in it's entirety:


1976 Marshall JMP 50 watt Lead & Bass
No name cab w/ Vintage 30's (only one is wired up, the rest fill holes) - this cabinet sucks to be in the room with but records wonderfully (direct or ambient)... no idea why.
90's American Standard Strat with a Hipshot Bridge and a Vanzant Truebucker in the bridge. No tone pot.
70's Thomas Organ Crybaby stuffed into a Vox reissue box
MXR Phase 90 script box
Voodoo Labs Analog Chorus
Maxon OD808 (tubescreamer)
Zen Drive
TD-X Tube Echo
Barber Launch Pad
Shortie cables are all George L's
AGK C1000-S right on the grill cloth center of the coil
A belt to hold my pants up
And my "Life and Death" shoes... for inspiration

Nothing on my pedal board is ever used during recording minus the OD808 and the Wah. -- EDIT -- though I notice an increase in gain (even with 2 buffers in line) by taking things out of the loop... so I leave everything the way it always is when I play (just off)


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