Last pedal i will ever buy - Caveman love

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Mine came in Saturday!
Only was able to go low volume.
Wow, I hope it sounds this good with tubes a blazing, because it rocks a bedroom.

Seems the sound I stuck with the most last night was a nice rich distortion that had a touch of softness to it, very musical, and responded great to your attack. It does have a nice "feel" to it as others have said.
I understand why many have called it transparent, because through out the low to higher gain settings I still felt I heard "my sound" more so than with my other drives.
It does clean up well with the volume knob, with very cool tones in there too.
My boost seems to have a mid hump happening, with a bit more sizzle on top, but I need to use it with the band to really determine what's up.
I can see how the knob room is tough on us big foots, but I loop my pedals anyway, so it's not an issue.

Anyway, I've had a bunch of drives on my tone quest, this drive is unique in a good way.
Even if it doesn't pan out live, it's a keeper for me just for the bedroom action.
Yet I have a feeling that more volume will only be more glorious.


ALRIGHT!...Everyone gather round. I know that this thing has descended directly from the heavens and resembles nothing before it, but...if you had to say that it sounds like something that you already own what would that be?

Just curious. I don't wish to wake the happily sleeping caveman that lives within each of us.


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I got one, I plugged in and played for over an hour. Not my cup of tea. I put it back in the furry box and off to the emporium it went.
I find the sound of my Caveman has varied depending on the time of day and other things. I don't think my ears are playing tricks on me.

My pedalboard is this:

Shure GLXD6 wireless
Vemuram Shanks 3k
Xotic RC Booster
Origin Cali76-TXP
Vemuram Jan Ray
Arc Klone V2
Micro POG
Boss VB-2
Telonics FP-100 volume
Strymon Mobius
Strymon Timeline
Neunaber Slate

I replaced the Jan Ray with the Caveman and played around at home the other day during lunch. Didn't sound so great. Took the pedal off the board and ran through it with cables -- much better. That night, I put the pedal back on the board in the same spot as before and it sounded killer. I'm thinking it may be my George L cables; I must have a weak connection somewhere. Or maybe power from the wall varied due to time of day. Who knows.

I need to fiddle with it some more and see if it has anything to do with all the buffers on my board. When it sounds good, it sounds REALLY good.

Tim Plains

Got mine today. Oddfellow has cracked the code. Yes, that's right - the shipping cross border code. :rotflmao

Mine shipped from Cali on April 3 and arrived today in Ontario, Canada. Nearly everything gear related I buy from the states gets flagged by customs and takes weeks to clear.

RS Guitat parts: four weeks
Pickups: four weeks.
Leather straps: five weeks.
Faber parts: seven weeks.

Oddfellow: five days. :aok

I've only used it for about 30 minutes so far. Too early to form any conclusions or post anything about it. Love the box lining.


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Did you guys have to sign for your pedal when USPS delivered? Not sure if Oddfellow requires that. Mine is supposed to arrive Friday and I won't be home.


Delivery scheduled for tomorrow!

OK, who's going to be the 1,000th poster? What will they win?
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