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Latest pedal build - a low gain, stripped down TS type overdrive


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I recently built a low gain overdrive based on a stripped down TS type circuit with a few tweaks (basically a TS808 circuit with the input and output buffers omitted) and a soft/hard (diodes/LED's) clipping switch. It very smooth on the soft clipping setting and it sustains wonderfully. It can get pretty aggressive on the hard clipping setting and there's a fair amount of gain on tap but, to my ears, where it excels is at verge of breakup settings. As with most TS type circuits it's fairly compressed but it feels great under my fingers and it's very expressive. It also cleans up wonderfully with the guitars volume control. I built this one to fill the low gain overdrive slot on my pedal board and it's the best fit for that purpose to date. Here's a pic of the pedal on my board (labeled DJOD-1):

I never have enjoyed painting/finishing and have never really thought much about what a pedal looks like - I'm only concerned with how it sounds. So while I didn't spend a dime or expend any energy on the pedals finish I spared no expense with the labeling (yes, folks, it's a real P-Touch label :D). Actually I guess I rather dig the utilitarian look of the unfinished cast aluminum enclosures.

I decided to build one of these as a gift for a good friend and wanted to make his look nice (well, nicer than my P-Touch labeled metal box anyway). I decided to take a whack at painting the enclosure. I picked out a color - vintage white - and got to work. Guess what? I still hate painting/finishing. I just don't have the patients for it. Despite this (and overlooking the various flaws) the pedal I built for my buddy turned out pretty well. Here are a couple of pics of the finished pedal:



Man, that looks really cool. Does it sound similar to any TS type pedal you've played before? Sounds like it could be close to the Son of a Screamer (eternity) sound.

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